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Amazon tour is an outstanding Travel and Tourism Agency in Leticia, Amazonas with a successful track record in the tourism industry in the triple border, with more than 20 years of experience of its creators. Amazon tour was founded in 2011 and in its 7 Years of experience has been positioning in the market as the best alternative for travelers and hikers. Amazon tour is your strategic partner in the destination of Amazonas to operate and supervise the success of services provided to VIP clients, Individuals, groups of schools, tour operator services, Excursions, tours, Bird Watching Plans, Fishing Plans, Plans for Photographers, documentalists and research, customized programs and transport services. Amazon tour is the direct connection to Hotels and Lodging in Leticia, Puerto Nariño (Colombia), Tabatinga, Benjamín Constan (Brazil), and Natural Reserves in the three countries.

The success of Amazon Tour is based on our passion for the Amazon and the guarantee of our services. Our experience is based first of all on the knowledge we have of each destination we recommend and because we are 100% independent, we only work with the best suppliers, approved and certified. Our team; professional guides, environmental interpreters, river transporters, land transporters with their drivers have vast experience in the river and the jungle as in the destinations proposed in the Amazon tour travel plans. Destinations where we accompany offering all the guarantees of security and professionalism making your trip to the Amazon an intense and authentic experience. Amazon tour offers the best plans in each destination, including the best transport options and professional tour guide services, according to the categories and budgets for each client. At the airport of this destination,

Amazon tour, with the support of professional tour guides, can organize for groups the identification of luggage, with the purpose of speeding up its distribution to the rooms and the management of the pre-registration to accelerate the check-in process in the hotels.




Among the services the Amazon tour offers:

  • Design and logistics of excursions, tours and special plans.

  • Reservation and sale of excursions, tours, air and river tickets to Iquitos (Peru) and Manaus (Brazil). .

  • Transfer of individuals and private groups.

  • Design, advice, coordination and logistics of itineraries for the production of documentaries, research, journalism and photography.

  • Eco-tourism, cultural, historical, adventure, fishing, bird watching excursions.

  • Circuits in Leticia (in combination with hotels in Leticia, Puerto Nariño and Natural Reserves in the jungle of Peru and Brazil.) Including visits to the Amacayacú National Park, Monkey Island, indigenous communities, lakes of Tarapoto, dolphin watching, jungle treks in different levels of demands, night walks, bird watching, artisanal and sport fishing.

  • Special programs for groups, (personalized for each client) with lodging options, food, transportation, activities and events etc.

  • Educational programs for groups of schools and universities.

  • Training programs and compensation to the community.


We have suppliers with a full fleet of vehicles, boats that guarantee the best service in all excursions, tours and passenger transfers.


A team of organizers, coordinators, environmental interpreters, native guides, translators in (French, Italian and English.) And professional tour guides at your disposal, with more than 20 years of experience in jungle and river; to guide, assist and guide our travelers to the most fascinating places of the Amazon destination, with instruction in (Spanish, English or Portuguese).


Amazon tour, our services
Visit the Amazon rainforest
Overnight on the beaches
Television production in the Amazon
Tropical wet forest
Photographs of the jungle
University the liberators
University the liberators
University the liberators
Tours of colleges and universities
Overnight in the jungle
Wild Amazon
TV production in the Amazon
TV production in the Amazon
Wilderness scenarios
Cultural exchange
Learn in the jungle
Visit the jungle and learn
Cultural exchange
TV production in the jungle
Amazon River
visitors of the jungle
Indigenous cultures
The great Amazon River
Indigenous cultures of the Amazon
Amazon jungle
Breakfast in the jungle
Visit to the shaman
Brazilian culture
Breakfast at the lotus flower reserv
Visit to the indigenous Ticuna commu
Amazon nightly safari
Production and photography in the Am
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