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4 People
$ 228.000
5 People
$ 201.000

Jungle crossing & river


Landscaping and wildlife observation tour.

  • 8:00 am. Meeting with your guide at the hotel.

  • Departure by van or taxi vehicle. Amazon tour customized to the group, making a 12 km journey on the Leticia road via Tarapacá, to Km.8.

  • Arriving at the starting point. Your tour guide will give the instructions and Orientation at the point of departure.

  • We start our adventure walking through natural paths of the jungle of the mainland, observing the fauna and the surprising floristic diversity of the area.

  • During the tour we will know some species of use in ethnobotany, Observation of the extraction of rubber latex. his guide tells them the stories of genocides due to rubber in the Amazon jungles at the beginning of the last century.

  • We will visit the "Chagras" of the natives are the traditional crops of the Ticunas where we will know species of crops such as copuazú, arazá, bananas and yuca brava (yuca toxica).

  • After this pleasant and interesting 2 hours journey through the jungle.

  • We arrived to the indigenous community of San Pedro (Indigenous Ticunas).

  • During the visit to the community we will know about their activities in the day, the products derived from crops, we will make a brief cultural exchange with the residents of the community getting to know the older women and their advice songs in the Ticuna language.

  • After our visit to the community of San Pedro.

  • We sailed on slow motor boats of the Indians by water trails from the Yahuarcaca stream to the Lotus Flower Reserve in the lakes of Yahuarcaca.

  • Visit to the lakes of Yaguacaca, bath in the lakes of Yahuarcaca.

  • Arrival to Flor de Loto Natural Reserve, Welcome.

  • Lunch at Flor de Loto Natural Reserve.

  • After a rest in hammocks, we will do artisanal fishing activity, capture of piranhas and other species.

  • Return to Leticia by slow motor boat.

  • 4.30 p.m. arrival in Leticia, transfers to the hotel.




1 People
$ 573.000
2 People
$ 332.000
3 People


  • Land transport Leticia Highway - Km. 8.

  • Transportation by slow wooden motor boat. San Pedro Community - Reserva Flor de Loto - Leticia.

  • Lunch at Flor de Loto Natural Reserve.

  • Visit to the tourist attractions.

  • Specialized professional guide, accompaniment and permanent assistance.

  • Activities specified in the Plan.


  • Personal or additional purchases.




  • It is essential to have the citizenship card, if it is a foreign national identity card or passport, as well as the current international certificate of yellow fever vaccine, (preventive for any program, but not mandatory).

  • Amazon tour includes, medical assistance card.

  • Simple money for personal or craft purchases.

  • Wear light and cool comfortable clothes, such as T-shirts, shirts with long sleeves, light colors, swimwear, hats, caps, as well as waterproofs, sunscreen, repellent.

  • If you take any medication you must take it.

  • If you are vegetarian, vegan or allergic to fish or any other food you must inform your agency and your guide before the tour.

$ 273.000
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