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4 People
5 People
$ 245.000
$ 235.000

One Night in the Trees house


Experiential and wildlife observation tour.

During the season of less rain "summer" in the Amazon rainforest, we can enjoy the charm of a jungle night, housed in rustic bungalows located in the trees, we are sensitized to perceive the infinite symphony of thousands of small animals, such as crickets, evening cicadas, as they accompany the concert the shrill and monotonous croaking of frogs and toads, where we notice that each individual screams as much as he can with the same desire to leave, when suddenly some small luminescent organisms are seen among the thick foliage of the jungle , these are the moon mushrooms and the fireflies. That make the nights of the jungle a magical and unforgettable moment. All this experience you will live in a night inside the jungle from the trees with total security.

















1 People
$ 349.000
2 People
$ 265.000
3 People


  • Land transport Leticia - Tree house - Leticia.

  • Breakfast.

  • Hydration during the journey.

  • Specialized professional guide, accompaniment and permanent assistance during the jungle tour.

  • Activities specified in the Plan.

  • Medical Assistance Card.


  • Personal or additional purchases.




  • It is essential to have the citizenship card, if it is a foreign national identity card or passport, as well as the current international certificate of yellow fever vaccine, (preventive for any program, but not mandatory).

  • Amazon tour includes, medical assistance card.

  • Simple money for personal or craft purchases.

  • Wear light and cool comfortable clothes, such as T-shirts, shirts with long sleeves, light colors, swimwear, caps, as well as waterproofs, sunblock, repellent, regular flashlights or headlights

  • If you take any medication you must take it.

  • If you are vegetarian, vegan or allergic to fish or any other food you must inform your agency and your guide before the tour.

$ 255.000
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