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Amacayacú National Park
and Communities Plan

Amacayacú National Park

& Communities Plan
4N / 5D


Day 1

  • Arrival at the Alfredo Vásquez Cobo Airport in the city of Leticia.

  • Reception, departure in van or taxi vehicle Amazon tour customized to the group, making a 7 km journey on the Leticia road via Tarapacá, bound for the Witoto Community.

  • Upon our arrival in the community. Your guide for the tour will give the instructions and Orientation at the starting point.

  • We begin our adventure with a walk through indigenous trails through the jungle of the mainland, observing the fauna and flora of the area.

  • During the tour we will know some species of use in ethnobotany.

  • Visit the traditional crops of indigenous Witotos where we will know species of crops such as coca, bananas and yuca brava (toxic yucca).

  • After this pleasant and interesting 1-hour journey.

  • We arrived at the Maloca (Indigenous Witoto).

  • Recognition of plant species such as Yagé, Coca and Tabaco, and the way of extraction.

  • Night walk in the jungle of the mainland, observation of small active fauna in the jungle, as well as the sounds of infinity organisms that together create true jungle symphonies, observation of the "moon path" luminescent mushrooms in the darkness of the jungle.

  • After this unforgettable experience, we started a conversation about the Witoto culture of topics such as the maloca as a domestic space and of cultural significance, coca as the power of the word, yagé power and shamanic force.

  • Accommodation in hammocks with mosquito nets.

Day 2

  • Breakfast 7:00 a.m.

  • Departure to the Community of San Pedro and Lotus Flower Reserve.

  • Jungle trek: In the morning we will make an incursion into the jungle of the mainland, during our tour we will recognize species of use in ethnobotany, knowing the dynamics of the jungle.

  • Crossing the Leticia highway via Tarapaca.

  • We continue our journey through the jungle to the indigenous Ticuna community of San Pedro.

  • Wildlife observation of the mainland area. (Approximately 3 hours of walking).

  • We arrived to the indigenous community of San Pedro (Indigenous Ticunas of the highland).

  • During the visit to the community we will know about their activities in the day, the products derived from crops, we will make a brief cultural exchange with the residents of the community knowing the Ticuna language.

  • After our visit to the community of San Pedro.

  • We sailed on slow wooden motor boats of the natives by water trails of the Yahuarcaca creek to the Lotus Flower Reserve in the lakes of Yahuarcaca.· (The activity of visiting the community of San Pedro and touring the Yahuarcaca gorge only applies to the high water months from November to June).

  • Arrival to the Lotus Flower Reserve, welcome.

  • Lunch at the Flor de Loto Nature Reserve.

  • After a rest in hammocks, we will do artisanal fishing activity, capture piranhas and other species.

  • Departure to the lakes of Yahuarcaca.

  • Visit to the lakes of Yahuarcaca, bath in the lakes of Yahuarcaca.

  • Return to the Lotus Flower Reserve.

  • Dinner.

  • Night canoeing over Lake Yahuarcaca for the observation of nocturnal fauna.

  • Lodging in the Reserva Flor de Loto in Cabins with beds with mosquito nets.

Day 3

  • Breakfast 8:00 AM.

  • Departure in tourism boats to the Monkey Island, unforgettable encounter with the herd of monkeys (Frailes), a dominant species on the island.

  • Visit to the Ticunas indigenous community.

  • During our visit we will make a brief cultural exchange with the residents of the community.

  • Purchase of crafts.

  • Arrival to Puerto Nariño.

  • Lunch at the Las Margaritas restaurant in Puerto. Nariño.

  • Visit to the Natutama interpretation center of the underwater world, discussion of conservation work of aquatic mammals and fish from the rivers and lakes of the Amazon.

  • Departure to the lakes of Tarapoto.

  • Visit and fishing in Lake Tarapoto.

  • Observation of pink and gray Amazon dolphins.

  • Lodging at the Ewaré farm.

  • Dinner.


Day 4

  • Breakfast 6:30 a.m.

  • Departure in tourist boats to the Community of San Martin de Amacayacú (indigenous reserve buffer zone Amacayacú National Natural Park)

  • Visit, tour of the community of San Martin de Amacayacú

  •  Walk through the protected jungle of the Amacayacú National Natural Park, (jungle trail San Martin community - Palmeras Community Amazon river )

  •  In the company of indigenous Ticunas, we will know natural landscapes of the jungle of the mainland, recognizing species of use in ethnobotany.

  • After 4 hours of hiking through the jungle in the Amacayacú National Natural Park.

  • Arrival to the community of Palmeras, Ticuna indigenous community, tour and visit to the community

  • Departure by boat to the community of Mocagua.

  • Arrival to the community of Mocagua, welcome from the residents of the community.

  • Lunch in the community On our visit to the community we will take a tour of houses and crops. Then we start the walk along the Maikuchiga path to the house of the monkeys (jungle road on the mainland and flooded).

  • Recognizing jungle scenarios, species of use in ethnobotany and fauna observation.

  • Instruction and identification of New World primate species, distribution and ecology.

  • Arrival at the house of the Maikuchiga monkeys, contact and interaction with some of the species of monkeys in recovery such as: Boqui Blancos, Churucos, Volador, Frailes, Maiceros or Capuchinos. that are part of the first stage of readaptation to the natural environment.

  • Talk about the process of recovery of monkeys, behavior, ecological function, stages for reintegration into the natural environment, participation of the Mocagua community in primate conservation projects, benefits for the community.

  • Return to the community (the visit to the house of the Maikuchiga monkeys during the high water season is only possible in canoes)

  • Departure back to Puerto Nariño.

  • Dinner at the Eware farm.


Day 5

  • Breakfast 7:00 a.m.

  • Departure by speedboat to Leticia.

  • Arrival to Leticia, City tour Leticia and Tabatinga. (Tour 2 hours approx.)

  • Visit the Leticia market and artisan galleries, the Tabatinga Brasil and Leticia Colombia border, the Tabatinga market, the Tabatinga shopping area, and the Comara lookout.

  • Transfer to the airport one hour before the flight.

End of our services.


  • This program is flexible and is subject to changes during its execution after prior agreement between visitors and guides.

  • This program is subject to changes without prior notice during its execution due to climatic factors.

  • All the activities are voluntary and for the realization of the activities the physiology of the effort will be taken into account.

Amacayacú National Park & Communities Plan

4N / 5D


  • Transportation in private tourism boats Leticia - Flor de Loto Nature Reserve (Colombia) - Eware Natural Reserve in Puerto Nariño (Colombia) - Leticia.

  • Full meals from the first day's lunch to the last day's breakfast.

  • Hydration in the outputs (water and natural juices).

  • Accommodation 1 night in the “Maloca Witoto“(Indigenous House) in hammocks with mosquito nets.

  • 1-night accommodation in the Flor de Loto Natural Reserve in Cabins with beds and private bathroom.

  • Accommodation 2 nights at the Hacienda Ewaré in Puerto Nariño (Colombia) in rooms with beds.

  • Visit to tourist attractions.

  • Specialized guidance, permanent support 24 hours a day.

  • Native guides, experts in the area.

  • Transfer in-out.

  • Activities specified in the Program.

  • Medical assistance insurance COLASISTENCIA.

  • Swamp boots

  • Waterproof

  • Personalized service




  • Tourism tax ($ 36,000 per person upon arrival at the Leticia airport)

  • Personal purchases.

  • Lunch on the last day.



1 People
2 People
$ 6.087.000
$ 3.687.000
3 People
$ 2.850.000

Recommendations and suggestions, Amazon Plans.

  • It is essential to have the citizenship card, if you are a minor, identity card, or civil registry and the authorization of the parents (if only one of the parents accompanies you and if the program requires you to leave the country), if you are a foreigner resident in Colombia the immigration card or passport (verify validity of the passport), it is mandatory to present it before migrations to leave Colombia and enter Brazil or Peru, as well as the current international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever, (apply with a minimum of 10 days before the trip.) and against tetanus (Vaccines is a preventive suggestion, but not mandatory).

  • Carry the medical assistance card or ID card or pre-paid medicine.

  • Our plans include COLASISTENCIA medical assistance card.

  • A small auxiliary backpack for the tours.

  • A large backpack easy to handle as luggage.

  • For your trip to the Amazon include what is strictly necessary in your luggage.

  • Bring comfortable clothes that provide freedom of movement, light and fresh (bring light colored garments, (No black or dark garments) such as T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, swimwear, caps or hats, sunglasses, comfortable footwear, tennis, enough socks as well as water bottles, raincoats, rubber boots, headlights or flashlights with their respective batteries.

  • Repellent, sunscreen, and toiletries.

  • If you are vegetarian, vegan or have a preference in your diet, inform us before your trip and let your guide know at the beginning of the tour.

  • If you are allergic to any type of food or if you suffer from animal allergies, inform your agency and your guide at the beginning of the tour.

  • If you suffer from any type of phobia, especially zoophobia, inform your guide before the tours.

  • If you take any medication under medical prescription, please include it in your luggage.

  • Cameras with sufficient batteries if required as well as a hermetic plastic bag to isolate the equipment from moisture (and include pads that absorb moisture).

4 People
5 People
$ 2.480.000
$ 2.359.000
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